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Dealing with a crisis at your home or commercial building is stressful. However, you don't have to take on the recovery process on your own. Cleanup Services offers a wide range of restoration services in North Lima, OH, from water mitigation to mold removal. We have over two decades of experience, so you can confidently hire us to revitalize your property.

We primarily work on residential properties, but we can also complete commercial projects. Call 800-317-2519 to speak with a team member from our water damage restoration company.

Discover what we can do for you

We specialize in water damage restoration. In addition to our water mitigation services, we also offer...

  • Mold removal and remediation services
  • Sewage backup cleanup services
  • Asbestos abatement services
We can even work with your insurance company throughout the restoration process. Contact us now to let us know how we can help you.

Choose a restoration company that cares

Large restoration companies don't provide homeowners with the care that they deserve. Since we're a small, local water damage restoration company, we can take the time to ensure every job is completed properly. Our customers appreciate working with us not just because we provide an unmatched level of care, but also because...

We're licensed to work with asbestos

We offer free on-site, in-home evaluations

We have state-of-the-art equipment and resources

Reach out to us now to learn more about our restoration services.

Cleanup Services is an absolutely amazing company!! The work is thorough, professionally done, clean throughout, it hits all the marks! The workers know what they are doing and are respectful and help to understand what is happening and why it needs to happen without belittling you. When it comes to customer service over the phone, calls are always answered! They are very prompt and sympathetic in helping and answering questions. If they don't have an answer, they look into it for you and get back to you with a detailed answer in no time! Plus, they file the claim FOR you if you want so that you don't have to deal with speaking with insurance and knowing the right things to say or sending them information. They do all of that for you and with a smile in their voice. Everyone there is happy to help out in stressful and overwhelming times of need. My only complaint is that I can't give them an even higher rating! 10/10 would recommend!!

Cicily Berry

We were referred to the cleanup Services company after our upstairs bathroom sprung a few leaks and damaged our living room ceiling. They are all so pleasant to talk to and work with! They were happy to explain how all the processes worked and were truly sorry for the stress we were going through. They were very professional and respectful in trying to help us do what was in our best interest. They did an excellent job cleaning and securing the area. I will gladly recommend them to anyone and everyone in the future!

Teresa Walsh

Clean Up Services is exceptional! I'd check every box related to high quality and great service. I had a pipe leak in my ceiling so my plumber recommended them to remove the old plaster and sanitize the area. They came out in the evening about an hour after I called. I couldn't believe it! They started work the next day. Professional people doing superb work and left my home immaculate and ready for ceiling repairs.
I don't know how much it cost but my policy with Erie Insurance said they are approved contractors and covered it. I don't know how they could improve. They even liked my dog :-)